It’s been two long weeks

No! Don’t you think we’ve been inactive. The reverse is true! We were in a training camp for two long weeks. Sadly we were the guys that trained our coaches. Oh well… Happens.

Once again it was all about sneaking, hiding and destroying the enemies nexus.

Here we were hiding in the red base…2015-07-03_16.33.28 Waiting for the precise moment!2015-07-03_16.34.352015-07-03_16.34.48 Those swapper traps are funny as a spy.2015-07-06_18.04.27 2015-07-08_16.00.38See the yellow guy? He was at a stone’s throw from killing all those green diamond guys! But sadly he came late.2015-07-15_16.14.05

Destroying stuff

Strange things happened yesterday. Someone, something or something completely different destroyed parts of our base. I bet it’s a new kind of hack! The TNT-basedestructionhack!2015-06-29_14.52.37That guy without armor in the middle of the screenshot is a TNT accident investigator sent by our teams insurance company.

Somehow that destruction inspired us to destroy more of our base. So we just removed one of the outer towers as good as possible. See that diamond armor and stuff lying around there?2015-06-29_15.44.05That’s about all that was left of our team at the time I took that screenshot. Because destruction didn’t end here. Just as we were destroying the last blocks of the tower some overpowered golden apple diamond strength 2 regeneration 2 noobs destroyed our nexus!

Building bridges

Some teams really pretend to make a great defense. They destroy all bridges leading to their base. They great giant walls around their bases built of hard to destroy blocks. But somehow they never watch the sky to see what happens above them. Didn’t I write something about watching the sky some weeks ago? Well well…

Since we knew that they would have destroyed their bridges we just brought enough material to build a new one. Here we were waiting for the right moment to start the building:2015-06-24_15.32.20We’re thinking about building bridges according to the map design in the future. Just because we can. And after all we don’t want to be responsible for making those maps look uglier than needed!

After making our way into their base using our great bridge we sneaked into their nexus room. It would be an understatement to say that it’s just a pleasure to stand there and wait for phase 5 to come to finish them. And that’s just exactly what we did. They didn’t have a chance.2015-06-24_15.46.15

Introducing a new noob…

Let’s be honest! We all started as noobs. Most of the guys never reach a state above “noob”.

But we’re not like that! As soon as we heard there’s a damsel in distress we were up to introducing him to the most secret of our secrets. And though we never thought he would be any good, he pretty much fit in perfectly.

He was struggling with being invisible from time to time (see below). But he never spoiled us! That’s more than we’ve had hoped for!

2015-06-23_17.45.09And this is one of those rather scary moments. You never know if they accidentally hit you…2015-06-23_17.51.17Most of the time they don’t. He didn’t. But his blue leather helmet fit nicely to his enchanted diamond armor.

Oh… After we hit their nexus quite a few times they were the first team to die. Better luck next time!

And how we’ve risen!

A new definition of “rise” is needed for what we did today. Following the motto “never give up, never surrender” we once again showed the world why we are what we are!

So here’s what we did today!

Sometimes looking down reveals what’s happening above you! In this case: Nothing!

2015-06-22_14.23.13 Here we were succsessfully sneaking our way into the enemies base. Somehow they never realize that they didn’t built those walls. Good for us, eh?2015-06-22_15.57.33Oh, this is one of my todays favorites! We made new friends! Red ones. To be honest we just used them as distraction. But shhh… Don’t tell them!2015-06-22_17.00.45It’s one thing to finish an enemy team. But it’s something completely different to finish them with style! That’s how you do it. Build a beacon and show them what you got!2015-06-22_17.19.46-1After we finished those poor blue guys we went to the red ones and did about the same to them. But! We also used their brewing stand and supplies to brew some pots. Thanks for your help red guys!2015-06-22_17.15.59But it’s not as if we’re only aggressiv people. We’ve still have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful sides of that exhausting annihilation life. This is one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever experienced in my whole life! And it happened just seconds before we had to kill all of our enemies. Well. Sometimes you don’t have the power to make a decision that’s pleasuring for everyone involved. But in times like this it’s good to enjoy a sunrise like that.2015-06-22_15.53.28 Finally. That’s just how it is. They never saw it coming. Mostly because they’re all noobs.2015-06-22_15.56.36-1