Building bridges

Some teams really pretend to make a great defense. They destroy all bridges leading to their base. They great giant walls around their bases built of hard to destroy blocks. But somehow they never watch the sky to see what happens above them. Didn’t I write something about watching the sky some weeks ago? Well well…

Since we knew that they would have destroyed their bridges we just brought enough material to build a new one. Here we were waiting for the right moment to start the building:2015-06-24_15.32.20We’re thinking about building bridges according to the map design in the future. Just because we can. And after all we don’t want to be responsible for making those maps look uglier than needed!

After making our way into their base using our great bridge we sneaked into their nexus room. It would be an understatement to say that it’s just a pleasure to stand there and wait for phase 5 to come to finish them. And that’s just exactly what we did. They didn’t have a chance.2015-06-24_15.46.15


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