Famous last screenshots!




It’s been two long weeks

No! Don’t you think we’ve been inactive. The reverse is true! We were in a training camp for two long weeks. Sadly we were the guys that trained our coaches. Oh well… Happens.

Once again it was all about sneaking, hiding and destroying the enemies nexus.

Here we were hiding in the red base…2015-07-03_16.33.28 Waiting for the precise moment!2015-07-03_16.34.352015-07-03_16.34.48 Those swapper traps are funny as a spy.2015-07-06_18.04.27 2015-07-08_16.00.38See the yellow guy? He was at a stone’s throw from killing all those green diamond guys! But sadly he came late.2015-07-15_16.14.05