Today? Winning spree continues!

Some might have thought that after our succsessful day we might have needed some rest. Think again!

I’m now doing something I might regret later. I’m telling you one of our most successful and till now top secret strategies in two easy steps!

1.) Secretly build a secret brige directly into the enemies base:

2015-06-15_16.14.292.) Hit the nexus until it looks like that:

2015-06-15_16.25.30I know very well that’s easier said than done. But think again:

Nothing succeeds like success.

Well. Next time: One of our even better hidden secrets. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? I don’t.

A beautiful day!

What a wonderful day. We spread the spirit of our clan! Once again we made unmistakably clear why we’re one of the few market-leading global players in ShotBow Annihilation.

2015-06-14_14.25.06See the green guy? Eneme! But he didn’t see us ’cause we’re ninjas!

And as a bonus we have this one. I’m still wondering what they did here. For me it looks like someone enjoyed playing lego for the very first time!

2015-06-14_15.51.55Well whatever. We won. 75:0:0:0. In your face!

Later today the Annihilation lobby crashed. To be honest I think they shut it down because our winning spree was just too frustrating for at least 75% of those noobs.