The steeper the plunge into the sea…

2015-06-20_14.53.29... the higher you climb.

That said. We’ll rise again!


All forgotten and forgiven

It’s a psychologically proven fact that you have to get up on your feet directly after you’ve fallen to avoid yourself from serious damage. And that’s exactly what we have done.

Once again we’ve proven why we are what we are and why others are not what we are. What we are you might questiopn yourself? We are!

Today we had some serious fun with our blue friends. Though we needed two attemps because our first was spoiled by one of our leather friends we destroyed them and showed no mercy!

The image below shows it all. We’re invisible, we’re dangerous, we bring death upon you!2015-06-18_16.57.41

Today we failed twice!

Must have been those lag hackers! Those aimbot users! Those h4x0rs!

This is seriously one of the most serious situations our clan had to deal with in a few decades. We might just fall apart but I’m pretty sure we’ll rise like a phoenix!

Today? Winning spree continues!

Some might have thought that after our succsessful day we might have needed some rest. Think again!

I’m now doing something I might regret later. I’m telling you one of our most successful and till now top secret strategies in two easy steps!

1.) Secretly build a secret brige directly into the enemies base:

2015-06-15_16.14.292.) Hit the nexus until it looks like that:

2015-06-15_16.25.30I know very well that’s easier said than done. But think again:

Nothing succeeds like success.

Well. Next time: One of our even better hidden secrets. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? I don’t.

A beautiful day!

What a wonderful day. We spread the spirit of our clan! Once again we made unmistakably clear why we’re one of the few market-leading global players in ShotBow Annihilation.

2015-06-14_14.25.06See the green guy? Eneme! But he didn’t see us ’cause we’re ninjas!

And as a bonus we have this one. I’m still wondering what they did here. For me it looks like someone enjoyed playing lego for the very first time!

2015-06-14_15.51.55Well whatever. We won. 75:0:0:0. In your face!

Later today the Annihilation lobby crashed. To be honest I think they shut it down because our winning spree was just too frustrating for at least 75% of those noobs.